MLK achievement award & scholarship


In 2018 Amanda Moczygemba received our first non-traditional scholarship. Through happenstance there was a delay in announcing 2019 MLK Achievement  Award to Mary Johnson.  But, that delay allowed us to merge two activities that fit so well together -- honoring those who have achieved success in their lives to be inspiring figures to our young people and the awarding of our scholarship.

On May 19, 2019 at Old River City Cafe's water garden, we honored Mary Johnson with the MLK Achievement Award and announced the recipient of our 2019 non-traditional scholarship, Cinthya Castillo.  Thank you, Old River City Cafe for providing us a wonderful location and great food.  And, thank you Mrs. Johnson and her friends for sharing their stories for us.  And, thank you Cinthya and her family for joining us in this wonderful celebration